The i-C4C GO PRO is a cutting-edge hoisting equipment controller
offering integrated intelligence. It provides improved
operational safety and certified overload protection, PLd. The controller has customizable functionalities and seamless integration of new features. It enhances situational awareness through remote sensors and equipment control. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, the i-C4C GO PRO seamlessly connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers a user-friendly interface and adjustable functional parameters for convenient operation.
Are you interested in a simpler version of the i-C4C GO see : I-C4C GO


Specification i-C4C GO PRO
Overload certification ISO-13849-1:2015 PLd Cat. II
Dimensions 238 x 130 x 57 mm
Mounting 35 mm DIN
Weight 500 g
Housing PC/ABS
Operational temperature -10 °C tot +60 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C tot +85 °C
Power supply 24 Vdc
Power consumption Max. 7W
Digital inputs 22
Wifi 802.11b/g/n
Digital outputs • 11 NO • 1 Safety relay
Analogue outputs 1 Analogue 0-10 Vdc • 8 Bit resolution • Max. 10 mA
CAN Communication • 2 CANOpen fieldbus modules • 1 Safety CAN port • 1 Functionality CAN port • 1 Ethernet port