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Your partner for crane controls

You can contact us for remote controls and complete control systems for industrial overhead cranes, cranes and vehicles. Integrated crane control systems are fully custom designed, built and programmed. For remote controls with transmitters and receivers, we work with devices from Danfoss (formerly IKUSI), which we tailor to your needs. For both new installations or retrofit.


If you opt for an all-inclusive service contract, you get 100% operational reliability without any investment – a unique service.


Also assembly, commissioning and repairs.


You can contact INDIC for all the services needed to build, implement and operate a tailor-made crane control system.

All-inclusive service contracts

No investment, 100% guaranteed. You pay a fixed monthly amount and we do the rest: delivery, assembly, commissioning, maintenance, replacement,… And not insignificant: we always come to you. Moreover, we limit the administration…

Bespoke engineering

Every industrial crane application is different. We listen carefully to your needs before we get to work and build a unique solution. Whether it concerns customizing a remote control or designing an integrated crane control system.

Assembly and commissioning

You can also count on us after the purchase. We will come to your site to assemble and fine-tune the system until everything works as planned and in accordance with the applicable standards. The safety inspection then becomes a mere formality.

Fast because of our stock

Waiting for the delivery of parts? You’ll never hear that from us. We have them all in stock. This way there will never be a delay in the planning. And you don’t have to get your own spare parts.


Below are some of the products we can supply you with, or which we can integrate into the systems we design for you. Our entire product list is much longer; we have all parts for the control and operation of industrial overhead cranes, cranes and vehicles in stock. For remote controls, we work with equipment from Danfoss (formerly IKUSI), which we tailor to your needs.


20.000 systems up and running

20,000 remote controls up and running, and yet we don’t go for production line work. Small or large customer, we always see you as a partner with a unique story. We listen to your specific needs, offer tailor-made solutions and build long-term relationships.

Opt for our all-inclusive service contracts?

Want to know more about the all-inclusive service contract? Feel free to contact us, and we will check together whether this is a suitable way for you to work together.