All-inclusive service contracts

A maximum of reliability and a minimum of worries for all your crane control systems. That’s what our all-inclusive service contracts are all about. You buy nothing – no investment – but pay an annual or monthly fixed cost and we take care of the service: delivery, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and replacement.

And not insignificant: we always come to you. Moreover, we reduce your administration to a minimum. Just give us a call and we’ll be right there with you.

Our service: comprehensive insurance against defects

You know where you stand 100%. For our service contracts, we apply the principle of comprehensive insurance: for every defect – wherever the cause may be – we provide free repair or replacement. You provide us with the old, defective unit and we will install a new one that works flawlessly.

As a customer with a service contract, you also get preferential treatment in our planning, so that we can be on-site quickly. Thanks to our extensive stock, spare parts will never be a bottleneck for the maintenance of your systems.

100% guaranteed

Always the latest technology

No investment

Rapid assistance

Always the latest devices

Furthermore, all devices and systems are replaced at regular intervals. In this way, the risk of defects remains minimal and you always use the latest technology. Depending on the type of contract, this happens every 3 years or every 5 years. The old systems are dismantled in our workshop in a sustainable way.