Area limitation

The ‘area limitation’ option of Danfoss remote controls allows the system to determine whether the transmitter is inside or outside a defined working area and in the latter case the active functions are interrupted. The system consists of one or more LA70 infrared transmitters mounted on the machine to be monitored or at certain fixed points, thus covering the defined working area.

The transmitters of the Danfoss radio control have a built-in receiver that receives the signal from the LA70 transmitters. When the operator is outside the working area, the receiver deactivates the output relays of the movements. However, the radio connection and therefore the emergency stop function are retained. The resumption of activity takes place when the operator returns to the safe area.

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Transmitter option Area limitation
Power supply 48, 115, 230 Vac
Power Consumption 100 mA at 230 Vac
Enclosure rating IP55
Operational temperature -20 °C to +65 °C