DANFOSS – Ikargo

Ikargo is the latest addition to the range of compact, ergonomic, industrial remote controls. Ikargo is built on the latest software platform and therefore offers the most advanced technology. Some interesting features:

  • Radio communication on dual-band: 400-930 MHz
  • High autonomy batteries
  • External and removable configuration module (EEPROM)
  • 6 to 12 high-quality push buttons
  • High-quality multikey
  • Very robust housing
  • Significantly improved ergonomics
  • Industrial version, but compact

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Push-button transmitter Ikargo
Stop function Cat. 3 – PLd
Frequency band Dual-band: 400-930 MHz
Enclosure rating IP65/NEMA4
Controls Push buttons + Multikey
Removable EEPROM Yes
Status indication RGB + LED
Battery model BT11K
Battery autonomy +80h