The WM44-P is a device used for wind speed reading and has 2 alarm levels. The system is designed for panel mounting. This display can perfectly be used in combination with the wind sensor model 4403. The display WM44-P was specially developed by the manufacturer for use on construction sites. Below are a number of interesting features:

  • Readout in km/h or mph
  • Display with 3 LED-digits
  • Adjustable alarms
  • Compatible with ANEMO 4403 and other wind sensors
Wind speed reading WM44P
Supply voltage 230 Vac
Power 3.5 VA max.
Input signal square wave, sine, triangle pulse, 1-750 Hz, 5-35 Vdc or 4-24 Vac
Output voltage 10 or 20 Vdc (±10%)
Range 999 km/h – 620 mph
Accuracy ± 1%
Impedance (with anemo 4403 or namur sensors) 1000 ?
Impedance (direct) 10,000 ?
Relays max 4A, 250 Vac
Enclosure rating IP50
Operational temperature -20°C to +70°C (ice-free)
Weight 350 g