Safety solutions

Safety solutions

The i-C4C offers, hassle-free overload protection and a variety of other security features.

Tandem protection

This safety application when cranes work together is an add-on system that can be mounted without any modification to the electrical cabinet of the cranes! The software of the i-c4c offers the safety control of the limit switches (1st and 2nd speed) and considers the anti-collision protection. Supervision of trolley and hoist movements are available as an option. Easy and quick installation!

Area protection

The i-C4C prevents cranes from ending up in zones, under programmable conditions. For example, cranes cannot drive over active machines; an i-C4c transmits the state of the machines wirelessly to the overhead crane, where another i-C4C, attached to the overhead crane, calculates its position and decides which movements are allowed.

Runway protection

Runways have a maximum capacity, in some configurations there is a risk of overloading the runway if several overhead cranes are loaded.
Our system ensures that loaded overhead cranes do not run towards each other and that they stop lifting when the cranes are close together.